Registration is now closed. The next competition will be held on 1st September 2012.

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  • Competition Restricitions and rules are published on this web site, you also need to ensure that you are fully aware of these.

( For Gi Rules click here. For No Gi Restrictions click here)

IMPORTANT – Coaches and those wishing to compete please read

All are welcome to compete in the QBJJL competition (both affiliated and non affiliated academies) however,  please be aware:

There will be a strict safety requirement that all coaches and competitors must be familiar with the QBJJL rules and code of conduct both on the mat, legal and illegal techniques, and off the mat.

ALL Academies entering competitors MUST nominate ONE person (Academy Representative) who will be responsible for ALL interaction between the competitor and QBJJL officials. Hence the Academy Rep must be present on the day of the competition. This person will most often be the coach or assistant coach and will be called upon should any disputes arise.

QBJJL realizes that many may be competing for the first time and hence may not be aware of the scoring and rules regarding late entries and making nominated weights, HENCE the Academy Representative should:

Ensure their students are familiar with the rules(legal and illegal techniques) and scoring of the competition. This has obvious safety implications and also mitigates possible disputes.

Ensure all nomination forms are completed correctly and entered prior to cut off date – NO NOMINATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER CUTOFF DATE

That the competitor makes the weight for their nominated division – not making weight will mean exclusion from the competition

This is the official competition entry form page for the Quensland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu League.